Membership Details

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AiNED membership has three categories. The criteria applied when considering candidates for membership has been designed to have a degree of flexibility, as we understand that everyone’s career path will have been different. Candidates for membership will need to demonstrate their commitment to the principles and ideals of the Association.

Full membership

is open to INEDs who are presently serving, or have previously served, on the Board of established companies, charities and Third Sector organisations. They would also typically have spent in excess of 10 years as an executive Board member.

Associate membership

is available for those seeking their first appointment as an INED. Typical candidates will be executives with substantial experience at Board level looking to widen their skills in order to obtain their first NED role. Associate members can partake in our training and education events and utilise the opportunities afforded by our high-level networking opportunities.

The 2018 annual membership fee for individuals is £475 and there is a one-off initial joining fee of £200.  No VAT is chargeable on these fees as we are a membership services organisation.

Business Associate Membership

is open to firms who subscribe to our principles and support the use of INEDs within the sector. They will have the first opportunity to support the member events by sponsorship. Discounts are offered to corporate members on our range of INED training courses and refreshers. A separate membership package is offered – please contact us for details.



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